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Monday August 1, 2005
Long time no update! Time to play catch up…

Mythology DVDs:
The X-Files Mythology DVD collections continue! X Files Mythology Vol 1 – Abduction was released on June 7 (See the cover art).

On August 2 (tomorrow!), the second DVD in the series, “Black Oil” is released. This DVD includes the episodes: Nisei, 731, Piper Maru, Apocrypha, Talitha Cumi, Herrenvolk, Tunguska, Terma, Memento Mori, Tempus Fugit, Max, Zero-Sum, Gethsemane, Redux, Redux II and also contains commentary and a documentary. See the cover art and more details at TVShowsOnDVD.com. Also, check out a review at Zap2It.com

And, the third DVD, “Colonization” will be released on September 27. This DVD includes the episodes: Patient X, The Red and the Black, The End, The Beginning, S.R. 819, Two Fathers, One Son, Biogenesis, The Sixth Extinction, The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati, Sein Und Zeit, Closure, En Ami, Requiem, Within and Without and also contains commentary and a documentary. Check out the cover art and artwork from a promotional flyer at and DVD Details at TVShowsOnDVD.com.

And, one more note: DVDFanatic.com has a DVD Contest to Win “The X-Files Black Oil” on DVD!. Contest ends August 13th, US Residents only. Thanks Lisa!

2nd X-Files Movie News:
Frank Spotnitz tells SCIFI.com that the 2nd X-Files movie is still in the works.

New Wallpaper:
Thanks to Jennifer we have another wallpaper from the old Official Site. Check out the “Vienen” wallpaper here (1280×1024).

Thursday April 7, 2005

David Duchovny Talks X-Files:
IGN FilmForce interviewed David Duchovny today and he mentioned the status of the 2nd X-Files movie. Nothing really new – Read the full article here. Zap2It.com also has an article that re-iterates a lot of the IGN interview (the article contains one additional quote).
“Well, there’s no script, but Chris tells me it’s like early next year. I mean, you know, the guy wrote 150 of them. He could have a script by the end of the day. The fact that there’s no script or treatment is not dissuasive, to use an X-File word. I would imagine, since the three major parties are willing; Chris, myself and Gillian, I know it will happen and I would imagine it will happen early next year. It’s just a matter of everybody getting their needs met I guess.”
David Duchovny Press:
David Duchovny is currently promoting his new movie, House of D – you can see the schedule of all of his appearances (as well as photos & video clips) at DuchovnyNet. Hopefully he will mentioned The X-Files! 🙂 David Duchovny has also set up a blog to record his thoughts about his upcoming movie. His March 23, 2005 entry mentions the 2nd X-Files movie:
“speaking of x files, i think we’re getting very close to getting a start date on the x2. my guess is we’ll be filming early next year.”
Wednesday April 6, 2005

The X-Files – Mythology Collection: Abduction:
Exciting News! On June 7th, 2005, FOX is releasing a 4-DVD set that contains the “mythology” episodes from Seasons 1, 2, and the first couple of Season 3. Read all the details at TVShowsOnDVD.com. You can pre-order the DVD set at amazon.com and view the cover art here. Thanks Kevin & Elisavet!
Gillian Anderson Charity Auction:
The Official Gillian Anderson website is holding a charity auction to benefit Neurofibromatosis, Inc. View all the items up for auction on their auction page.

Monday April 4, 2005

Chris Carter Interview:
DVDEmpire interviewed Chris Carter about the 2nd X-Files movie, the new Lone Gunmen DVD and his other projects. View the article here (Thanks Shannon!).
It�s [the 2nd X-Files movie] currently in negotiations, and things are looking positive.
Dream Awards Voting!:
Voting is underway until Sunday (April 10) for the 2004 Dream Awards (collage contest)! Go and check out all the great entries!

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