May-August 2001

September 4, 2001 – Winners for the Season 9 Challenge! Congratulations to the winners and everyone that entered! And, if you’re asking ‘What comes next for PURity?’ Well, we’re still deciding that, but we’ll keep you posted!

1st Place – Immortal by Foxsong (rated PG)
2nd Place – Indian Summer by Sylvia Tremblay (rated PG)
3rd Place – Ahonis by jeri (rated PG-13)

August 20, 2001 – Winners for the Mind Candy Contest! All FanFics are rated NC-17. Congrats to the winners!!

1st place – C’mere by Anne Hedonia
2nd place – Coming by Frisby G.
3rd place – Sixth Day by Sylvie

August 17, 2001 – This is really cool so I had to post it. LeiLani Huffstetler, the FanFic writer who won the ‘Surprise Endings’ contest submitted her story “Love you to bits” (dubbed “Too Hot to Handle” by PURity Staff) to a publisher after being inspired by winning our contest! They want her develop into a full-length novel!! Congratulations LeiLani!!! For that reason, we’ve had to remove that story from our archive.

August 9, 2001 – Due to a low number of entries in the ‘Mind Candy’ challenge we are extending the deadline to Monday, August 13 by midnight. We have also revised the guidelines for the challenge – all NC-17 fanfic will be accepted for this challenge!

July 30, 2001 – Winners for the ‘Minor Characters’ Challenge! Congrats to everyone and thanks to all the authors who submitted! The deadline for the next challenge (“Mind Candy” – restricted to those over 17 years of age) is Sunday, August 5!!

1st place – Soldiergirl by Wintersong (rated R)
2nd place – Secret Admirer by Kristen K2 (rated NC-17)
3rd place – On the Outside by Deslea R. Judd (rated NC-17)
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July 16, 2001 – Winners for the ‘Surprise Endings’ Challenge! Congrats to everyone and thanks to all the authors who submitted! The deadline for the next challenge (“Minor Characters”) is Sunday, July 22nd!!

1st Place – “Love you to bits” by LeiLani Huffstetler (Rated PG-13)
2nd Place – “Mom” by Lara Means (Rated PG)
3rd Place – “Unused Rations” by Jeri
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July 2, 2001 *Updated* – Getting caught up and organized… All The FanFic entries from the first two challenges are up for your reading pleasure 🙂 The Schedule has been revised. Don’t forget the deadline for the ‘Surprise Endings’ challenge is JULY 8th.

The Winners of the ‘What’s Your Point Of View?’ challenge!!! Congratulations to all the winners and the rest of the entries are archived on the FanFic Page! Thanks to everyone that entered!!

1st place – Four Minutes by Deslea R. Judd (rated R)
2nd place – The Cause of the Effect by Lara Means (rated NC-17)
3rd place – Fire Command by Wintersong (rated R)

June 22, 2001 – The winners of the ‘Off-Camera, On-Canon’ challenge are –

1st place – Hands by Deslea R. Judd (NC-17)
2nd place – Cold Call by fran58 (PG-13)
3rd place – When All That’s Left is Hope by Isabel Lewis (NC-17)

Congratulations to all the winners! As you may have noticed, we’re a little off schedule. We’re adjusting the schedule a little, which I will post later today!

June 13, 2001 (Link fixed!)– The winners of the ‘What If’ challenge are (drum roll please!!)

1st place – Balance of Power by Lara Means (PG-13)
2nd place – Things Undone by Erynn and Sally Helmerich (R)
3rd place – Healer by Deslea R. Judd (PG-13)

The winners *will* receive an award (after I make one!) in the near future!! And, a page with *all* the FanFic entries is coming… soon!! Don’t forget that the deadline for the next challenge – ‘What’s Your Point Of View?’ (see topics for more details) is June 24th. A reminder to everyone that stories must be submitted in TXT format only (see guidelines)!!! The winners of the ‘Off-Camera, On-Canon’ challenge will be posted soon 🙂

June 5, 2001 – And the second runner up of the “What If” Challenge is… Healer by Deslea R. Judd. Congratulations! We will announce the winner and runner-up next week 🙂

June 4, 2001 – Welcome to PURity’s new home and new design! Yep, we’re a little late with announcing the winners of the first challenge, but they will be announced soon. In the meantime, keep on sending in your submissions for the next challenge – OFF-CAMERA, ON-CANON! And, one of our judges is MIA. If anyone has spoken to SpookyChick, can you please contact us – thanks 🙂

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