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Homes of 14 communities, in the first collective purchase of photovoltaic installations

The first collective purchase of photovoltaic solar installations for self-consumption in homes, organized within the values ​​of the social and solidarity economy, has successfully completed its first edition, promoting facilities in 62 municipalities and adding 100 new homes to positive energy.

Ecooo, the company that promotes and develops projects in favor of a new sustainable energy model and in the hands of people, has been the promoter of the search in a first stage to find one hundred homes that jointly bet on generating their own energy.

Six months after the launch of the first solar wave, in April 2017, the project has solar photovoltaic installations in 14 autonomous communities, promoting photovoltaic self-consumption in homes thanks to the collective purchase and relying on the power of the community. Among them, stand out by the volume of participation Madrid and Catalonia.


Image of Som Energia.

To promote the promotion of a new energy model that fights against the consequences of climate change from the mobilization of citizens and the strength of collective action, the campaign popone the collective purchase in a formula that establishes that upon reaching 100 requests of solar homes, the participants can enjoy a saving of 30% on the final price of the installation. In this way, those who activate their participation will enjoy the clean energy produced by six polycrystalline photovoltaic modules, capable of generating, in just 10 m2 of roof surface, enough energy to supply a good part of the day’s consumption during the next 30 years.

A photovoltaic generator like the one proposed by the campaign costs € 6,785 if purchased individually. But if you buy 100 facilities collectively, you save € 2,035 per household, 30% savings.

The project includes a complete management of the photovoltaic solar installation process , taking into account the values ​​of the social and solidarity economy and highlighting the work of a complete network of local installers.

Ecooo, a non-profit organization, promotes another way of doing economics, focused on people and respectful with the environment, has more than 12 years of experience in projects that activate citizen participation in the energy field. Thanks to this, this common project has been built with the criteria of quality, care, support and participation and a team of engineers who are experts in solar energy and energy efficiency are behind the design of the photovoltaic installation to guarantee the highest technical quality.